The 2008 U.S presidential race has been revolutionised by the number of celebrity endorsements that

Obama with Opra, one of his biggest celebrity endorsers

Obama with Opra, one of his biggest celebrity endorsers

democratic candidate Barack Obama has received during his presidential campaign.

Obama has taken the glitzy and glamorous world that is Hollywood and has transformed it into a political platform where he can extend his presidential campaign. By interacting with popular culture music icons such as will.i.am from the group ‘The Black Eye Peas’ and sultry screen goddesses such as Scarlett Johansson and Halle Berry, Obama has reached younger and more impressionable voters.
Many celebrities have openly endorsed the current U.S Senator as their favorite presidential candidate. The top ten celebrity endorsers are:

1.) Oprah: Obama is the first candidate she has endorsed in her 25 year career. She’s campaigned for him, with him and threw a celebrity fund-raiser at her California home that collected an estimated $3 million.
2.) will.i.am: The Black Eye Peas’ singer wrote the songs “Yes We Can” and “We are the Ones” based on Sen. Obama’s speeches.
3.) The Kennedy Women: Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg caused a frenzy penning “A President Like My Father” for the New York Times. Cousin Maria Shriver stumps for Obama despite her McCain-endorsing husband.
4.) Ben Affleck.
5.) George Clooney
6.) Scarlett Johansson
7.) Samuel L. Jackson
8.) Chris Rock
9.) Robert de Niro
10.)Jennifer Aniston


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  1. Kele said,

    September 22, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    Hawu girl, where’s post two. You’ve got a fan whose waiting to read your writing. Agree completely with the Obama thing… can you imagine what would happen if Will Smith ran for president? I think he would be playing the media spectacle just like our man obama. I still love him though… also wrote about him earlier on my blog.

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