Like dominoes, they all come tumbling down

After former president Thabo Mbeki’s resignation, the ANC was confident that there would be no more resignations from cabinet members, but boy oh boy were they wrong. The top brass, the cream of the crop from the ANC came crashing down like dominos one-by-one as they resigned.

The nation waited with bated breath wondering if any other cabinet members would follow in Mbeki’s foot steps. Even with all the resignations the new kids on the block, Jacob Zuma and newly appointed President of South Africa Kgalema Motlanthe say that things will return to normal.

The most bewildering resignation for me personally is Trevor Manuel’s. He has been Minister of Finance since Nelson Mandela’s presidency, making him the longest standing minister since democracy in 1994. If he does not seem to be confident in the new leadership, then God help us all.

I was reading comments readers of the Mail and Guardian Online had made about the resignation of the 11 ministers. Some made some profound statements and some were disheartened and said they are moving to another country. As for me I’ve decided that I am going to register to vote in the 2009 elections so I can keep my options open.


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  1. stacey88 said,

    September 26, 2008 at 9:47 am

    Your blog raises some important issues, particularly those related to the comments people made about emigrating. My father recently immigrated to Australia and while things aren’t all roses and sunshine there, it seems a darn sight better than what’s going on here. When you said you were going to vote – who was that for? I for one decided that voting wouldn’t help as the ANC have proved over and over again that they’ve got the majority vote and as a result, can do as they please. I’m desperate for this country to sort itself out, but is it time to make plans if it doesn’t? I try my best to not be one of those Afro-pessimists and tend to roll my eyes whenever people think SA’s going one way, but despite myself, I find it difficult to remain hopeful. As the educated elite of this country, I often wonder what my role is and how I could contribute to the betterment of SA, but I question if, as a white South African, I have a say at all?

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