Where to from here?

So it looks like it has finally happened, there have been speculations about the possibility of a break-away party for weeks now. Former defense minister Mosiuoa Lekota announced that a conference of some sort would be formed where the next step will be determined.

The ANC of today is not nearly the same as the ANC of yesteryear. The ANC of Luthuli, Thambo, Sisulu and Mandela espoused the ideas of liberation from the shackles of the apartheid regime. The ANC of today is run by power hungry degenerates such as Julius Malema who was quoted as saying the ANCYL was prepared to kill if Zuma’s corruption charges were not dropped.

A statement such as this and the behaviour that was displayed at the Polokwane conference last year, where bottles were hurled at the ANCYL’s rivals indicates the type of governance the new ANC is introducing. With that said, a splinter party is the next best step. Lekota has been accused of being a counter revolutionary and for being a Mbeki supporter. He has also been praised for taking this step in order to ensure that democracy functions to its full potential.

Yes I agree that a new party will not be a political force, the new party will most probably not offer any alternative policies. The reason I am behind the new party is because the new leadership in the ANC has become arrogant and corrupted by power. History has shown that break-away parties from the ANC have never succeeded. The PAC formed by Robert Sobukwe is such a party and more recently the UDM formed by Bantu Holomisa. Even with these odds I say two thumbs up for a splinter party.