Political whirlwind

This week has been a strange week for me, so much has been happening in the crazy and wonderful world of politics. I could not decide on once specific topic to write about this week. So much has been happening both here at home and in the US.

One thing that did catch my eye though was Special Assignment last nigh. They received footage of terminally ill inmates at Moderbee prison in Gauteng. The question that was posed in the programme was weather sick inmates should be granted medical parole or not. The Department of Correctional Services has been under pressure and do not want be appear lenient of offenders. I suppose it’s a double edged sward. On one hand the families of the inmates want to take care of their dying relatives in their last days. But I would imagine that the families of the victims of crime would want the perpetrators to serve their full sentences regardless. I think the humane thing is to let them die at home but then again I have not been a victim of violent crimes.

The prospects of and ANC split appear to be be gaining momentum as Lekota manages to round up mass support in the Eastern Cape, one of Zuma’s strong holds. The ANC has sent out a strong waring to its members that they will be disciplined if they are found mobilising for the opposition. The party says they are ‘disgusted’ by the level of political intolerance shown by members who were burning the ANC flag in the Free State. Party members have the rightt to choose which party they want to support. As long as no violent protests ensue I think that keeping the ANC on its toes will do the country a world of good if and when they win the 2009 elections.