Obama says ‘I need you’

Barack Obama.

Vibe’s annual ‘Juice issue,’ which highlights people who the magazine says will change the world, is filled with musicians, actors, bloggers and leaders in other fields.For the first time, the 14-year-old publication features a politician on its cover: Barack Obama.

US presidential candidate Barak Obama never ceases to impress me, somehow he always manages to exceed my expectations. Unlike Thabo Mbeki he has successfully managed to reach the masses at a grass roots level and speak their language.

In a letter to VIbe magazine, he told readers that he is taking the country in a different direction and that he needs them to register to vote on 4 November. Vibe magazine is an urban hip hop magazine targeted at the African American youth. Obama has been featured twice on the cover, the first time being in September last year.

No other presidential candidate has ever appealed to the African American youth like Obama has. The number of endorsements that he has had from celebrities is astounding. He has taken the high browed nature of politics and made it more  appealing to young people like no one ever has.

Now going back to Vibe magazine. This magazine features hip hop artists had RnB stars on its covers,to have a politicaian on its cover indicates that the country is moving in the right direction. I for one am behind Obama for the mere fact that he is appealing to the people on the ground and taking them into consideration. Bill Clinton was also highly favoured by the urban youth of America but I think Obama is going to take it to the next level.